26 February 2010


[7 months pregnant]

About a year ago, I put up this post. About a year ago I was 7 months pregnant.

Today that little person is a little bigger and celebrating her 10-month-iversary.

That's 10 months of drinking breastmilk straight from the source.

Ten months of wearing boy clothes on occasion.

Ten months of nomming everything in sight.

Ten months of not getting shots.

Ten months of watching too much TV.

Ten months of being a people person.

Ten months of sleeping with Mommy (for naps and otherwise).

Ten months of being a complete handful and a total wondrous joy at the same time.

Now she's talking (she knows several sign language words, and she has her own word for "baby"), standing up by herself, and on Wednesday she took her first step! And today she took another one so her daddy could see. Cool.


Jenny said...

She's growing up! Cutie. :-)

Kelly said...

We love you, Lucy!

Heather said...

awww, she so cute!
It is crazy how fast they grow, as cliche as that phrase is. I was watching mine take her skating lessons this morning and just thought "she used to be a BABY! what happened!?" Enjoy each moment~

Katie said...

Aww. What's her word/sign for baby?

Jessie said...

When she sees a baby (most often, a photo of herself), she usually shouts "day day!" Or sometimes "Ee day day!" ("Hi, baby!")

GrandmaToots said...

Okay, that settles it! I'm definitely coming to see you all in April :)

Jessie said...

LOL. Gee, I love you too, Mom. :-P

meggo said...

SUCH an awesome post, Jessie. Yay, Lucy! We like that she's a people person. ;)