11 October 2013

Book Sale Purchase as a Snapshot of My Life, Part 2

I wrote this other blog post three (three!) years ago after attending the annual library book sale in my other town. In it, I talk about how my pile of books had changed in the 8 years between the first time I attended the sale and the time I attended the sale as the mother of a 1.5 year old.

Well, now I have a 4.5 year old, and the pile has changed yet again. Three of those books up there are for me to read. (There are only three, mostly because my tastes have become... niche? You can check out my Amazon book wish list to see the kind of stuff I'm looking for and why those might not just materialize at a book sale.) The rest are for the young lady of the house. I was going for some solid reference type books that she can browse through over and over. And Mo Willems, of course. Always Mo Willems. She can read the Elephant and Piggie books by herself, so... yeah. The days are long, but the years are short, as they say.

A list of this year's books (because these are some great finds! look them up for your own kiddos!):
First Human Body Encyclopedia (shout out to Cousin Liesl for mentioning this series on Facebook)

The question is, have I read the books I bought three years ago? :-) 
Of the 15 books in the pile in the first post, I read (or tried to read) eight nine, four three are still in my to-read pile, and I've gotten rid of three of them. I think. Two of them became two of my favorites: The Teenager Liberation Handbook and Flipped. I list book reviews as public notes on my Facebook page, so please check them out. I love to hear what other people think about books!

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